Spoken Word


I love you. I love you more than the man in the moon. I love you more than I’ll see you real soon. I love you more. Than the breath upon the night sky. More than any star floating up high. I love you more. Than the whisper upon your cheeks. More than all the things that make my weeks. I love you more. Than I love the sweetness upon my tongue. More than what will make us forever young. I love you more. Than the songs ever written in time. More than words ever written in rhyme. I love you more. Than the endless ocean or sea. More than as far as the eagle could ever see. I love you more. Than the beating of my own heart. I loved you more. More right from the start.
Kelli R. Hall
I love you


Spoken Poetry


No words written in time. No words describing in rhyme. Could ever tell my love for her. Of true love and how we occur. Her beauty is beyond compare. As I lay watching with loving care. The smell of her hair. Loves beautiful affair. Wrapping her up and holding her tight. Her taste on my tongue in full moon light. The sun kissing the sweetness of her soft skin. The stars keeping our secrets of where we begin. Her eyes shining brighter than the moon. Making love to her until it’s noon. Feeling her lashing out against my breast. Making love to her as only I know best. The sweat that runs down the creases of her body like dew. Tastes like the summer breeze refreshing and new. Feeling her deep within. The night is where it did begin. The touch of her embrace. Keeps me hidden like a safe place. The warmth of her body against mine. Making love to her in sweet Devine. The morning sun upon her face. Reminds me of heaven in all it’s grace. The feel of her breath upon my set. Making it rain but only two getting wet. To kiss the lips that taste sweet like honey upon mine. Is like kissing heaven in the great Devine. And when she finally comes to be. I hear her whisper make love to me.
Written By
Kelli R. Hall
Make Love

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Just a little bit about me. I live in Kentucky out in the country. I love to do just about anything really. I love to enjoy the outdoors mostly. But like anyone else, I like to enjoy life to the fullest. But what I love most is to write. That’s because I am a published author. If I couldn’t write then I would truly be lost. But one thing I forgot to say here is that I am a openly proud lesbian. But it’s not what defines me as a human being. With that said, I hope you enjoy my writings and get to know more about me in later blogs. Enjoy commenting and have a great day.