Novel I’m working on. @CopyrightKRH12


*Shh I think you may wake her. Just go back to sleep Kiar.* I laid there clutching my sheets. I heard Niam speaking silently to Jesiah but I knew he was just trying to let me rest after what I had been through. Games are childish when it comes to me. I lived 16 years of my life fighting literally for what I believe is true. I am by far wealthy but I make do with what I got and can get. Am I a hunter? Well you can say I hunt for game to feed my family. But now it is more than that. Ever since Rylan came into the scene and destroyed half the town and homes here in Ukrial. Ukrial is a hidden country. Nobody knows that it lies between the mountains in NantChester Moors. Ukrial was a quiet town. People kept to themselves and only spoke to each other. We got by on pure instincts and what we knew. We made do from what we could get from off the land and nearby. But Rylan found us. Stole from us. Took some of our people and then killed whoever got in his way. But the fight never ceased. It still continues. But in secrecy. That is why I hunt not only for food but also for the others who came from Gritmas Barrow in Esttock. Esttock is beyond the other mountain ridge in a valley in Castrow. The next country over to the east. The people there are unruly and mean. They don’t prosper from what they grow or hunt because they steal from other neighboring cities or countries. They use our people like slaves to grow the food they eat. To hunt. To turn the animal pelts into clothing of sorts. And if they refuse then they are killed and taken to be buried in nearby woods or dumped in a nearby lake or river. Never to be seen again for a proper burial.
My name is Alelsea. I was born here sixteen years ago. When I was five, I lost my mother as she gave birth to my little sister Jesiah. We call her Kiar meaning tiny where we come from. She is only eight but smart for her age. I guess that is because she watches me when I work. Our father taught me how to hunt with a makeshift bow and to set traps and how to hunt with a knife. He also taught me how to fight with my fists and with a sword. At twelve I watched him die. I felt helpless. He was attacked by a black bear as we were hunting one evening. It attacked him out of nowhere from behind. I watched as my father screamed for me to run and not look back. But for what seemed forever I was frozen. After I heard the sickening thud, I ran. After that I never let my guard down. And I don’t talk about his death. I raise my sister. I keep her fed and clothed and do chores as well as hunt. My best friend is Carnea. Carnea is also a hunter and lost his only brother to Rylan. His father is ill and his mother works hard selling trades to our people here. He understands me better than any I know. He and I grew up together and we vowed to die together. We hunt and fish together as well as trade pelt for weaponry. And he fights along beside me in this war that has been created now.


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