As Promised: The Pride Land

I walked inside and laid my keys on the stand in the hallway. What a night. Well at least it kept my mind off things for awhile. I walked over to the lamp and turned it on and sat down on the couch as I flipped on the TV. Sebastian, my Siamese cat, jumped up beside me as I kicked my feet up ready to relax. I was watching a favorite show when my phone rang. *Hello?* I answered with a slight sigh. *Casey you need to get out more. I mean we had a great time tonight. So are you and Sarah an item now?* I heard the voice of my sister on the other end ask jokingly as I got up and made my way to the fridge. *It was great tonight. I get out, it’s just, I’ve been busy these past few weeks. You know how it is working for grand field inn. And me and Sarah are none of your business Kara. Are you staying with Bree in her dorm tonight or do you want me to leave the key in the usual place tonight?* I grabbed a can of soda and made my way back to the couch. I heard Kara and Bree talking. *I know you and Sarah are doing something so face it Casey, you are a leashed pup. I’m staying with Bree. We have a lot of English to study for. I’ll see you around. Don’t forget lunch tomorrow! It’s at Phats café. Be there!* I heard Bree giggling in the background. God Bree, you can wait till you get home. *I will be there. I got no work to do tonight so I’ll probably hit the shower and watch TV. I won’t wait up.*
We hung up and I went to my bedroom. I opened up my drawer and got my boxers and t-shirt and made my way to the shower. I got undressed and turned on the shower. As I stepped in, the warm water began to wash over me and I let it run over my head and down my back as I began to relax. Funny how my sister and our friends didn’t notice that me and Sarah acted a bit off tonight. Oh well.
Me and Sarah have been together since high school. This Friday marks our four years being together. It’s also pride week here in New York. Meaning that Sarah is on a mission to get her float done on time. Meaning, I had put off fixing some stuff on the float mechanically. We had a small tiff but enough to feel an edge the rest of the night. I know I will have to get up early and run down to the Pride Gallery and start fixing it. *hmph, right now though, I’m relaxing and enjoying my two days off* I said aloud to no one in particular. Sebastian looked up from his cat bed and meowed. If I know Sarah, she won’t hold a grudge long.


One thought on “As Promised: The Pride Land

  1. I enjoyed this, the ending in the first paragraph was a little confusing and I couldn’t really feel a sibling connection in the phone call but all in all I like the story line so far. 🙂

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